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Super Hatches Fourza Series. (Important Update) More Eligible Cars.

So I decided to host a Fourza Series, S Class AWD and FWD Hatchbacks.

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The rules are going to be pretty simple:

Cars can be built to an S Class PI of 698, NOT 700, to prevent people from selling out and buying their tuning setups.


The car must be listed as “Hatchback” under Body Style in the game, and must be AWD or FWD, Drivetrain swaps are encouraged.

The only assists that will be allowed will be clutch and ABS, transmission will be manual only. No driving lines will be allowed


I haven’t decided on the tracks yet, but they will be the tighter, more technical tracks.

No BoP. Run what ya brung up to PI 698.

I have no intention of interfering with the Classis LeMans or Grand AM series so I was thinking about hosting this series every Sunday night at maybe 7 P.M. EST..


Take it or leave it. But I have been curious what would happen with no assists and no BoP, let’s see what happens when the nannies are turned off.

Also, the same general driving etiquette rules apply as the other racing series, especially the rules about punting someone off the track. If you punt them, you wait for them.


Update: Series will be Friday nights at 8.

Another Update: During practice earlier tonight, someone had built a Ford Fiesta but couldn’t select it for the lobby because it wasn’t classified as a “Hatchback”. This brought up a pretty good point, and that point is that Turn 10 has some screwy classification of cars sometimes. So I have decided to include what would be “common sense” categorized at Hatchbacks.


Therefore the following cars are now eligible in addition to all cars categorized as “Hatchback”.

Abarth: 500 Esseesse

Aston Martin: Cygnet

Audi: RS3 Sportback

Chevrolet: Spark

Citroen: All

Ford: Fiesta, Ka

Honda: Fit, CRX

Hyundai: IX20


Mazda:2, Axela, Speed 3

Mercedes: A200

Nissan: Micra, Versa

Peugeot: 107

Renault: Twingo

Saab: 99 Turbo

Scion: XD

Subaru: ‘08 STi

Toyota: Aygo, Yaris S

Vauxhall: Agila

VW: Fox

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