The Super Replicas scam still lives! I’m very jittery, which probably means this will be a half-assed post, but hear me out.

I saw that now redirects you to It’s a new website, new YouTube channel, new ripped content. “Glorious!” I think to myself, “everyone’s favorite scammers are back!”


About 20 minutes ago, I called the number listed on the website. A man with an accent picks up the phone. I ask “Hello, is this Chickmagnet cars?”

Guy: “Yes.”

Me: “Is this company affiliated with Super Replicas?”

Guy: “...Let me transfer your call.”

*A minute nothingness. Probably just set the phone down.*

Then, a man picks up with an Australian accent, sounding clearly like Daniel John Seppings sounded in AltThrottle’s video.


The man says, “Hello! What would you like?” in a rather joyful tone.

I say, “Whoah! Is this Daniel John Seppings? The man who screws people over with fake replicas?”


The man on the other end says, “N...N...No... You must have a wrong number?”

The call continued for 11 minutes. I relentlessly asked him question after question. I asked him for a real name... he said Michael Ballaban. He preached about Donald Trump, Mexicans, Obama’s wife allegedly having a penis, and so on and so forth. This guy sounded insane.


But how do I know he was Daniel John Seppings?

When I mentioned Jalopnik, he said the exact quote from AltThrottle’s video about how “there will always be haters when you’re such a famous company.”


This guy is still kicking. I eventually pissed him off, and he ended the call. But, yeah! I spoke with Daniel John Seppings.

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