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Super weird old Avantime ad

I found this while researching Avantime things. Dropped the link there but wanted to do it properly. It’s weird, bordering creepy.


I’m always wondering how complete concept cars are when shown. Do the Cadillac Cien and Sixteen concepts really have functional V12 and V16 engines in them? If so, how much of it is working? The whole infotainment system, air-con, heating, windows, etc? Or just enough to get the thing driving? What about the GT by Citroen with its 580kW electric motors, or the Red Bull X2010 with its 1102kW?

I also wonder about the models that get to drive, or pretend to drive such cars. Some of us would kill to see the Cien, or Carrera GT concept, or any number of other one-off concepts up close let alone to drive them. Models get that privilege whether they care or not.


I’m happy to report that the Avantime concept (the Coupespace) appears to be running and driving just fine, unless it’s all an elaborate ploy. I suspect those video screens have been faked though ;)

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