This is probably the worst car movie of all time. No, I have not watched Red Line yet...

Last night I was combing through the Netflix library and Superfast! came across my screen. With pictures of tuner cars and a Vin Diesel look alike, how bad could it be?

The advertised plot line seemed nearly identical to the first Fast & Furious movie. Cop infiltrates gang of street racing thugs with ties to crime syndicate. Cop tries to take down syndicate through street racing and clever espionage. That is about all it shares; by that I mean the description is the same, the movies is anything but.


Below is the trailer for the film, and it pretty much sums up the movie pretty accurately. If you are looking for a film that is good quality, makes a lot of sense, with great action and drama, this is not for you.

Note: The trailer acts as a safety image for the review. If you want to watch the film knowing nothing other than what I mention above - stop there.

Superfast! is the Scary Movie, Epic Move, Super Hero Movie, Date Movie for the car genre. It is intentionally made to poke fun at the Fast & Furious franchise.


The plot of the movie is basically the same as the first Fast and Furious movie; except this one uses all of the rejected ideas that those producers threw on the floor. The movie starts out with a midnight street race in an old industrial area and the campy-ness begins immediately. Lucas, a wannabe street racer, shows up to the meet in his unicorn laden Toyota Corolla to make his mark in the street racing scene. A bro-tastic scene ensues with many nefarious people betting on who will win the main street racing event. A race ensues with the main character, Lucas, trapped at the starting line because he forgot to get gas before the race. The viewer later learns that Lucas is an undercover cop meant to infiltrate the street racing scene. Lucas is then questionably adopted into the street racing syndicate, and the adventures get stupider from there...


I won’t spoil the rest of the plot, but as with most of these type of movies, it is a good idea executed poorly. The overarching premise of a cop grappling with the street gang, a criminal empire, and his own department makes for a good overarching story, but Superfast! executes it about as poor as you can. The connections between people are not abundantly clear, characters a poorly developed, side stories and connections come out of nowhere, and the plot line focuses more on making fun of things and stupidity rather than actual story.


There are a few main characters that I will highlight, but overall, the characters are really poorly developed. No connection is made between the audience and the characters. As a viewer, I didn’t really connect with any of the characters and just kinda hoped they would all die in a comical explosion. Also all of them seemed to be closet homosexuals... which was strange and didn’t add anything to the plot.


Lucas - I believe he is the main protagonist of the film, at least that’s what I think because the camera spends the most time with him. He is an incompetent moron. His character is suppose to be analogous to Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) from the F&F films. I didn’t really feel as though he was parodying Walker’s character. The writers just said, what if Brian O’Connor was dumb...

Vin - Vin is the head of a small street racing gang. He is billed as an antagonist throughout the first third of the movie, but later he becomes part of the protagonists side. I believe Vin is the best developed character of the film. An obvious parody of Dominic (Vin Diesel) in F&F, his character has a nice balance of tough guy exterior, feely interior, and general stupidness. He essentially parallels Vin Diesel’s character in F&F, except Serento’s character transitions are more extreme one side to the other.


Juan Carlos de la Sol - He is the leader of the crime syndicate. He has an issue with killing people. For being the primary antagonist, he plays a small role in the film. The film only would change slightly if he were never seen.


Of course what do we like about these movies, the cars, of course. Superfast!, being a take on the F&F culture, primarily focuses on tuner cars. Most of the cars were low end vehicles suped up as in F&F. Some highlights include:

Lucas’s - Toyota Corolla - with a large unicorn emblazoned on the side.


Vin - Scion TC - with lambo doors; a perfect embodiment of tuner culture, albeit quite contrary to his portrayed character.


Cool Asian Guy - Datsun 240Z - because of course it is.


Rapper Cameo - BMW 3 series/M3 - Keen eyes would not that the car is purple matching Roman Pierce’s Eclipse from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Vin - Smart FourTwo - a modified Smart Car, okay, that’s funny. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t really play a role in the movie. I feel it was really under utilized in the film.


Juan - Vision SZR - what is billed as a supercar is reduced to being a Fiero body kit because it is discovered to take 87 octane.


What the film did right?

The beginning scene with the car meet and street race was pretty funny. A jab at tuner culture groveling over flashy designs, engines, and sound systems. The race seen itself was a hilarious over-production of F&F stupidness that very well parodied. The movie definitely has notable scenes of dialogue discussing common car complaints (such as arguing about the validity of dual climate), but plot continuity is a problem and those discussions seem out of place.


What they did do well though parodying the epic shifting that F&F is know for. Constant camera changes to people shifting from 6th to 5th to 4th to 6th to 3rd to 5th to 4th to 6th to 5th, was funny (and all the cars were manuals!).

What did they get wrong?

Everything else.

Is Superfast! worth watching?

If you are looking for a campy movie with terrible plot lines, poor character development, nonsensical stupidness, silly cars, and get through the regret of turning the movie on you feel at about 20 minutes in - yes it is worth a watch.


I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone who doesn’t like cars. They won’t get it and they will think there is something wrong with you.

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