Sometimes I like watching bad car b-movies. They’re never in short supply on Netflix.

Last night, I watched Superfast! A satirical parody of the entire Fast and Furious franchise made in the same style as the later movies in the Scary Movie franchise. It’s corny, the jokes are often horrible, and the scripting is bad. However, it will make you laugh if you do not take it seriously.

Instead of NOS, this Toyota had a bottle of Lance Armstrong’s urine, which made me giggle.

But one thing that left me really impressed with this movie? Almost every car (even the JK Wrangler) had a real manual. It’s like while the movie was terrible at times, they actually paid some really decent attention to detail.


This movie even had an interesting choice of cars. When the parody character of FnF’s Brian lost the street race, he had to give the leader a 10 second car. So what does he give them? A wrecked smart!


Even more interesting, this movie’s “supercar” was the Vision SZR.


If you’re into movies like Scary Movie and had always wished someone would parody the FnF franchise, this movie really isn’t a bad go at it. It made me laugh, so it was worth watching to me. :)