This month I hitched a ride with Collin, a friend I have met through this awesome YouTube hobby. We spent an hour in line, donated for Toys For Tots and somehow still found parking for his Deuce and a Half.

We parted ways walking the show, and I do what I usually do. Look around and shoot the cars that draw me in. Then I walked into a car I have been infatuated with since season 1 episode 1. A 1967 4 door hardtop Impala. My opening statement was one of a Supernatural geek: “Where are the Winchesters?”

It was a dead ringer for the one in the show. It is owned by a father and daughter team, the daughter counterpart the Supernatural fan. The owner told me he bought several of them to create one good one. I myself have had this car on the wish list for a long time. I am glad there is a car community that allows you to see cars you would otherwise never come across.

As much as I want you guys to watch the entire video (better for analytics) I myself hate it when something gets teased and you have to hunt for the footage. The car enters the stationary shot portion at 3:09, It enters the shot again at 7:09 on the move, I nearly missed it!

All that is left for me to mention is: Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has had a great year and I hope to see everyone here at OPPO next year!