Forget everything else you’ve ever wanted.....

Say your a titan of business, a commander of various enterprises running from illegal dog fighting to the highly lucrative de-scrambled cable box racket, and your peers in the pill mill community are telling you to up your street cred by getting a flashy mid engined sports car, something like a questionable 85,000 mile F430 that burns a little oil or a nice Boxster S with a rebuilt title, but none of those really appeal to your reptile brain....what to do?

Why not combine the sharp driving reflexes of a mid engined sports car with the room and luxury of a limousine?....said no one....ever.

Behold....the Superossa!


Class class and more class.....

Nothing says big pimping like rolling down your own window to glance at the honeys....


Behold the state of the art entertainment centre!


There are enough flat surfaces in here to do all the crank, special K, coke or Love my Carpet that you and friends can do!

A napkins for the inevitable fluid clean up too!

This gem is currently for sale of Craigslist for the low low low price of $99,000.


A bargain really.

It seems they area hurry to sell since the previous owner died in a hot tub accident involving his gold chains and an overpowered pump.....



The seller includes a few pictures of Superossa on a flatbed too, it’s natural habitat, no doubt.