Just in from Weather.com: Supertyphoon "Hagupit" (known in the Philippines as Ruby, even if Hagupit is a Filipino term meaning "wallop") has slowed down it's pace as it nears Eastern Visayas, but still packs 270km/h winds near the center.

That's the satellite image from Weather.com, and it's pretty easy to see what this storm is and why it's named from a superlative adjective.

"Hagupit" slowed considerably, from 30km/h to just 18km/h as of 7:00pm Manila time, but still carries 270km/h (167.7 mph) winds near the eye, with gustiness that can go up to the tune of 320 km/h (200 mph).


(image credit: US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center)

The Category 5 storm, which got to it's intensity at a startling rate, has the power to make powerful storm surges, with an estimated 5.5 to 7 meters (18-22 ft.) of waves, but even worse is the fact that the hurricane can rip apart everything citizens at the Samar-Leyte area have built up 13 months after the much stronger Supertyphoon Haiyan brought devastation there.


Evacuations and preparations have been going on in the provinces that are at the gunpoint of the superstorm,

Below is Weather.com's three-day forecast, which might change after a few hours:

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Continues to intensify as it traverses the central-southern part of the Philippine Sea...about 415 km east of Borongan City, Eastern Samar [2PM DEC 05: 11.6N 129.2E @ 270kph].

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Reaches its peak wind strength as it slows down while approaching the coast of Northeastern Samar...about 140 km east-northeast of Borongan City, Eastern Samar [2PM DEC 06: 12.0N 126.6E @ 260kph].

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Weakens slightly after making landfall over Northern Samar...over San Bernardino Strait...and lands anew on the southern tip of Sorsogon...about 50 km south-southeast of Sorsogon City [2PM DEC 07: 12.6N 124.2E @ 240kph].


Simply seeing the numbers made my stomach rumble, but what twisted it is what I imagine the carnage this storm will leave. Sure, forecasters have said that this storm isn't as strong as Haiyan, but, like I said, Eastern Visayas will be left with a few crumbs at the least when Hagupit is gone.

More as I have it, but can someone please get this on Jalopnik with a proper news writer? I need professional help.