Supposed to host a party this weekend... (Rant)

But my basement won’t stop filling up with water. Which means stuff that normally hides in the basement is now taking up space on the ground level and I got none of the cleaning and set up done that I had planned yesterday.


I patched the hole I thought was the problem. Then I patched the other the holes I hadn’t noticed initially. Then I used a Shop Vac to suck up the water and dump it down the sump because some moron put the sump at the highest point in the basement floor.

Then I came back an hour later expecting everything to have dried out only to discover that the water is also seeping up around the waste pipe that was installed last year because the installer was either incompetent or negligent (this isn’t the first piece of his shoddy work that has come back to bite me in the ass). So I spent the rest of the day yesterday trying to get the water level to stay down unsuccessfully.

To top it all off, my friend that was supposed to move this weekend but had postponed it because closing on his new place was taking longer than expected finally closed yesterday so moving is back on for this morning. So now I feel obligated to go help him even though I have no time to do any of my own shit.

I’m just done with all of this.

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