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A little over a week ago I was driving the Supra and the clutch engagement point went nearly to the floor. Shit.


Limped the car home, stuck it in the garage, and left it alone. Did some digging on the symptoms, figured it was probably time to replace the 31 year old clutch slave and master cylinders. I cross-checked some part numbers, and made an order to Amazon Prime. 2 days later I had the Aisin parts in hand.

Saturday I had a friend who’s a mechanical goddamn genius over to give a hand. (for reference):

He and I taking our sweet, lazy time were done in just a couple of hours. Threw in a trip to Napa for new power steering banjo crush washers as we identified a leak from the power steering system as well.


After buttoning everything up, she’s back to normal. The Tanabe exhaust is still breaking in so there’s a bit of ‘new exhaust stank’ to it, but the tone is settling in to a nice quiet hum.

Here’s a few bonus pictures for reading. Thanks.


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