Which do you pick, and why?

Or do you just wait for the C8? Or, what other ONE new car/truck do you buy with ~$60k?


I think I’d have to go GT350... Even though it’s “just” a Mustang, the design of the S550 always catches my eye and I’d never get tired of listening to it (and I can actually get all 3 kids into it). Never had been a “Mustang guy” prior to this generation. Definitely lust more after Porsches, in general, and current ride is an E90 M3 (which I love).

C&D just did a comparison test of these four and ranked them:

(spoilers below)

Illustration for article titled Supra vs M2C vs GT350 vs 718 Cayman

4 - M2 Competition

3 - 718 Cayman

2 - Supra

1 - GT350

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