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Why I dont want a 707hp Dodge Charger

Sure Im going to get a lot of flack for saying this out loud, but hear me out. Im glad Dodge had the cojones to go put 707 wild ponies into a 4 door, but what happens next?

The problem I have is this creates a need for other manufacturers to start upping their game in giving us higher horsepower sedans at affordable prices. Soon we may be looking at what 500hp Toyota Camrys? or Hyundais? This isn't exactly a bad thing, but this makes me quite uncomfortable over the fact that such cars will be in the hands of people who insist in talking/texting on the phone while driving, or putting on makeup and things of that nature- distracted drivers. This could also eventually spell the reason why normal cars will probably go out to be replaced by driverless bots like the google car. Let me know what you think, here are a few images for your troubles..


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