Top right is #1 (unless Kinja flips the picture around...)

Took this picture a while ago but forgot about it until now (you catch up on all sorts of computer-things when lazing about post-wisdom-teeth-extraction!). These are the plugs I pulled out of the Chevelle’s 307 a few weeks ago. They were new about 150 miles ago. I think #1 and 7 were doing most of the oil burning.

And yes, one is different. It’s an Accel shorty - when I swapped the 4-speed in last fall I had to change headers, and one of the plugs (which were all new at the time) didn’t clear. I swapped it out and completely forgot that I meant to do the other 7 until I pulled these out. Whoops. Ran really well, though.


As for the new engine, I need to go write the machine shop a check for the line hone and bore, and go shopping for rotating assemblies. Maybe I’ll get to that this week. Maybe.