Surface Go, Anyone in the Know?

Yes, feel free to give me crap about the rhyming title.

Anyone have any first hand experience? I love the Surface line. I used to have a SP4, sold that for a Surface Book with performance base, which is my main travel computer.  The SP4 was too large and heavy to hold one handed around the house, really.


I run around the house with a Fire HD 10, but I’m sort of tired of the limitations that it has, so I was looking at a new tablet to do tablet things, like internets, watch videos, occasional code edits, mobile type games, etc. I was considering the iPad, but I have 0 Apple devices, so I’m not sure that makes sense. If it ran on USB-C, I might give it a whirl, but it doesn’t (unless you go new pro, and I don’t really want to). I don’t do a lot of Android specific things, programs and such, anywhere but my phone (like the BMW connect app, etc.) so Windows is a fine OS for me.

But reviews are either “love it!” or “it sucks, don’t buy it” and I know no one personally (or ish) that has one. Anyone here?

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