Surgery: Round 3; Plus my NEW BOOK!

It's been a long freaking year. Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. Doc seemed pretty stoked about how the 3rd surgery went, he did something new and creative(and my idea) and actually grooved the bone deeper to better hold the tendon in place.

I went with a black cast this time.


And my wife helped me put together my first book, "Art of the Steel." It's an 80 page collection of my work, including of few stories from myself and also a few quotes from myself and my favorite authors/philosophers. There's some dirty, dirty, weldporn in there as well. We got the first copy last week, and it's killer! Super impressed with the quality....we used Blurb and it's printed and bound in the USA. Just had to make a few tweaks and the first run of 50 will be here soon. These first 50 will be numbered and signed.


Hoping now to be back welding by May. Can't wait.

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