I was curious how old this WD40 was that I found at my Mom's house the other day was.

I know it couldn't be any newer than 2003, since that's when all Trak Autos in our area closed. She wouldn't have found herself in a auto parts store, so I was wondering... Did I leave it behind when I moved out 26 years ago? Maybe dad purchased it 30+ years ago?

Bored and hoping to narrow it down, I tried to look up some history of the little shopping center near her house (where the store used to be) to see if I could find any history of when that Trak Auto opened.

While I didn't find that, I found a few tidbits about when the center was built, about how it has always had vacancies, the failed movie theater that was once there, etc, etc...


Then I read about the pizza place, which I kind of remembered as a kid. I don't ever remember eating there, but I do remember it being kind of a dive. I think it was owned by Asian immigrants, and that they served underage kids, which would explain all the cigarette smoke and kids in there on Saturday afternoons.

Then I read about who owned it. Here they are in 1976 shortly after they opened.


For those of you not familiar with his earlier work....