Surprise! It's rot!

The rear window on Project Colony Ship has not worked, and has been leaking past the gasket since I got the car. Recent attempts on my part to fix the wayback mechanism have been to no avail. But because I have been back there I noticed how wet the carpet in the wayback footwell had gotten, so I pulled it and the jute padding out (both of which were soaked).


Surprise! Five big rot holes, two tiny ones and a lot of deep surface rust. Worst is two of the spots are where the gas tank strap mounts are. So I stuck into it today, and got started on repairs. I’m not concerned with making it look perfect or original, just making it solid.


I have one more strap mount spot, and another rot hole to finish up, then this whole area is getting a couple coats of rustoleum and some bedliner. I’ll also wire wheel the underside and do the same.

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