Rant after pic. Has to do with gender and sexuality. i’m not trying to offend anyone. i’m just venting about an annoying class, and how it goes against my religious beliefs. read at your own discretion. pic for getting this far.

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So, i’m in a college class named “LA: Land of dreams, land of hopelessness” The class is a writing/film analysis course which is (one of the classes which is) a first year requirement class for students. Now, from the title you may assume it’s a class where you watch movies and the write about them, and you’d be right! bu the part no one told any of us students about is that it’s also a gender and sexuality studies course!!! Yay.... As i write this, I’m also writing a paper on Rock Hudson, and his homosexuality/heterosexual portrayal, and you know what? I fucking hate it. I know i’ll probably get flack for this, but i completely dissagree with any notion that teenagers should be encouraged to discuss sexual orientation and gender within the classroom. I think it is a pointless topic to go over in a general studies course, and would feel much more comfortable if it was left to the 4 people who want to actually major in gender studies or whatever.


I just do not see the point in writing an essay about a guy who was gay but in the closet during the 1950's. It’s like writing an essay about about the neuances of a lemon, as comapred to a non-citrus fruit. It has nothing to do with anything relating to the goddamn class, except for the fact that my professor is also a teacher in the gender studies department.

Also, let me add that i am an orthodox christian, and i while i will not judge anyone on their choices or discriminate them for making those choices, i strongly believe that when it comes to gender, it is biologically determined, but that biological root comes directly from god, who created Adam and Eve. He didn’t create Adam, Eve, and something else. he just created a male and a female. Having to write a paper with the precident that i agree with the notion that there are 50+ genders (as i have learned recently that that many do in fact exist) is goddamn infuriating, and i completely dissagree with that concept as a whole.

So my issue is how do i write a convincing paper about a topic that i partly do not believe in, and partly disagree with completely? I don’t fucking know. All i know is that this is the largest crock of shit i’ve ever had the displeasure of throwing money at. Absolutely worthless field and class.

/End rant.

Pic for your time.

If i offended you i’m sorry, and like i said, i do not judge your choices, just because they don’t agree with my beliefs, so long as you don’t force those upon me. Another M-car for your time.

Illustration for article titled SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA! College class bait and switch

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