Surprise Move! Apartment Oppo Input Requested

In a strange turn of events, my wife and I are nearing the closing date to sell our house. We are moving to a high rise in downtown Nashville. We were trying to sell over the summer, but realized we needed to do about $15k-$20k worth of upgrades to make things more current. So we pulled out of the market and started planning. We received a call from our realtor a little over a month ago saying someone reached out to see if the house was still for sale - this was the day after I scheduled someone to come out to price new flooring for us. We jumped on it and said why not! By that Friday we had a pretty reasonable offer on our house. Early the next week we were under contract!

Purchased in early 2014 just before we got married, the house in cul de sac has really treated us well

It’s truly felt like a whirlwind, but we’re at the point where things are really starting to feel real. My wife’s dream is to live in a high rise with tons of walkability. So I am saying adios to our two car garage and ability to tinker on my cars for five stories of underground parking and a tenth floor balcony view of the city (and cutting square footage by about 70%). While it’s her dream, I share the enthusiasm. I know it will make for a great spot for us both. I am pretty excited for the change!

The tall building in back, we’re in that!

All that to say, any tips, tricks, or recommendations Apartment Dwelling Oppos?
I lived in a condo with surface parking prior. It wasn’t pitched as a luxury space, so I was able to tinker a little. This will definitely be a bit different.

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