Over lunch I decided to take a drive to the nearby auto parts store to get some items I need for the cruiser. my windows are down and then I heard it. High RPM wail, simply angry. Didn’t sound like a sportbike, so I keep my eyes peeled. Up ahead I spot something very low and very wide. I sped up to try and get a better look, praying that we hit a red light. While I didn’t get that lucky, he did need to take a left turn and was forced to stop for traffic. I couldn’t believe it. A McLaren P1. I tried to take a picture, but of course I had a green light, and my phone was set to “selfie”. I got back to my office and looked up the tail lights for every modern McLaren, but only one fit. Best part was it was in the delicious orange.

I work in Mequon, which is nice suburb north of Milwaukee. However, there are some ridiculous enclaves by me. In addition to the P1, in the last year I have also seen a Porsche 918, a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 roadster, a Dino 246, MB AMG GTs, and numerous other “civilian” sports cars.


For those interested, I typically see them on Brown Deer Road, just west of Hwy 43 in the suburb of Brown Deer.

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