Two Wheels Good Edition

I’ve explored the boundaries of interior storage space in an FR-S a time or two before. Fitting things into my car like:

A set of wheels and unmounted tires...

or, an extra set of wheels/tires and two front fenders.


and today I was presented with a new challenge.

I bought a bike. Specifically a Trek X-Caliber 8 hardtail 29er. Knowing that it’s a somewhat bigger bike, I checked the forums to see how people had fit bikes into their Toyobarus before heading to my LBS. It certainly seemed like a reasonable feat. Plenty of owners had fit a road bike or fixy in, generally with the removal of the front wheel. Although mountain bikes seemed to require the removal of both wheels, and in some cases a pedal as well. Seeing as I was going to be picking the bike up from just getting assembled and a check up, to make sure it was good to go, I wasn’t too exciting about the prospect of removing both wheels right away.

Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem!


It fit into the trunk/back seat area just fine, with only removing the front wheel.


And now it’s sitting right here next to me as I write this,in my sort of dining room/kitchen/office.

Loving this bike so far, although I haven’t even gotten it out on the trails yet. Upgraded pedals should be arriving by Friday to replace the awful factory ones, and tubeless tires will be the next step after that.


Ongoing wheel removal is not the plan for the long haul though. I will soon be assembling the necessary items to put together a more ideal solution based on what some other owners have done, utilizing the rear tow hook mounts, some custom made bars and a 1Up bike rack.


But more on that later.