Suspension & Aero Nerds I Need You

So I’ve gone completely mad like the idiot that I am. I’ll be buying some BC coilovers and RPF1s for the Mirage soon. I’m wrapping those in some aggressive Advan tires. I’m seeing my car has a solid torsion beam rear suspension. I’m wanting to add about 2 degrees of camber to the front and a bit in the rear to try to get the rear to rotate a bit under throttle lift.

Is there any way to dial camber in to a solid rear suspension?

Also I’m looking to add some downforce to this thing. I’m going to be adding some pass through diffusers to the rear bumper. I’m throwing some front dive planes/canards to the front bumper and going to try to make a front splitter adapt.


Basically this car has zero downforce and I want to improve it.

What measures would you guys take? 

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