I got under the back of the RX-7 today to see what sort of suspension refreshment may be needed (other than the shocks I’ve already got on hand), and it’s just as I feared.

An upper trailing arm

Nothing screams “REPLACE ME!” or is otherwise in very bad shape (save for the endlinks, which are easy enough), yet there’s just enough visible cracking of the rubber that I do not know the condition of the parts. Nothing is loose, but I can twist some links a bit by hand.


The other end of a different, lower arm

The reason I did this investigation was that I ordered everything for the front assuming it was all bad, and it turned out that only like 75% of it was bad. I can get everything for the rear brand-new for about $700 to my door, but I really don’t know if it would be worth it. I’m considering doing the sway bar bushings and endlinks and putting on the shocks I’ve got, and seeing how it is - something was clunking on hard bumps last year, though I don’t know what.

Before you ask - poly bushings are a very bad idea in the rear of this car due to the questionable-at-best geometry. Best case it binds up and handles unpredictably, eventually you’ll just fatigue and tear the mounts out of the chassis. Replacement links are available from Mazda for all of it, as quoted above. Besides, it’s not a race car.

What does Oppo think? $70 and hope it’s good or $700 and hope it’s bad? If I weren’t saving up for the crown vic’s replacement, the “screw it and buy all the parts” approach would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, I may be better off putting it off and finding out come spring (when daily driving resumes) if I need to swap out all the links.