Alright, I’ve decided AGAINST modding my new 16 Ecoboost Stang. (I know, but its the first NEW car, and I’d like to keep it nice for as long as possible.)

Anyway. I have decided to use my old beater Fit as a platform for heavy modifications. I’d like to start at the ground and go up. Meaning, I’d do better wheels/tires, suspension components, bushings, sway bars, strut bars, control arms and that kinda stuff.

My Fit is a 2008 base. Meaning, no rear spoiler, no foglights, no cruise all from the factory. The way the suspension is set up, a coilover can be used only for the front, then the back is basically a spring and strut that are separate. So coilover kits are basically the front coilover, and rear spring and strut.

I’m content going the spring and strut route, because I have another car. Also, I’ve had plenty of time behind the wheel in a lowered car. I’m used to it, to the point now, I just avoid potholes even with the Fit, not because I’m worried about possible damage just out of habit.

What companies are reliable, high quality suspension manufacturers? My plan would be to, lower it, install better bushings, sway bar, strut bar, and whatever else is available to the chassis. I haven’t bought import suspension parts in a while, and I’m not looking for ebay quality, nor am I looking for parts that are just ridiculously priced because, for example, H&R is race car quality, and Megan Racing is ebay quality. I’m just looking for a happy medium.

Something that’s affordable, but not to one end of the extreme or other.

So what companies make decent and affordable Honda suspension parts? What companies are ones to avoid and why. I have a B Spec Honda racing suspension kit, but it’s “off road use” only. I came across a stupid good deal on it, and it was 3k in parts for 750 bucks. I have a buyer thats interested from a honda fit forum.


My eventual goal is to do a K24/K20 Hybrid with a supercharger. So I plan on buying a slightly heavier duty spring and strut combo to deal with the hard suspension now, but with the additional weight from going from SOHC 1.5 to DOHC 2.4. I’ve already got the K24 longblock, K20 head, and internal S/C ready components. I’ve also got the HASport motor mounts, axles, and swap header. I also have a 2nd factory hood to cut apart to make the swap work.

TL:DR - What companies make good quality and decently priced Honda suspension? Who should I look for and who should I avoid and why should I avoid that company. Personal experiences are fine, but keep it there. I’d rather not hear about Jim Bob from the forums that had a problem.

Also eventually installing a K24/k20 S/C into a tiny hatchback, because I want to screw with people.