On my infinite list of things to do, this one seemed fairly easy, but as always, it is not.

I’ve taken apart my 505 V6 parts car a few weeks ago, scoring: A spare engine, a spare transmission, a radiator and front bumper for my dad’s 505, a complete A/C system I want to convert to R134a and retrofit to my turbo diesel 505, rear electric windows that will also go into the diesel, headlights, grille, and some other little goodies.
Anyway, one of the main reasons I bought the car was the front suspension.

The V6 I bought last year (and haven’t ever driven) the front left suspension collapsed, and was repaired in a really sketchy fashion (I’ll post pictures when replacing it). My first thought was to replace the complete front suspension with GTD elements.

The issue is that on the GTD, The wheel hub and suspension strut are one piece, where the V6 has an offset wheel hub, allowing for larger wheels and the ABS system.

The struts from the parts car looked OK at first glance, but need some work


The bots keeping the hubs on the struts looked terrible, and I was mentally prepared to take the angle grinder to them.
In the end, they came out without any resistance, I was happily surprised.
Same thing for the brake calipers. Dismantling the struts was actually way quicker than I thought.

Cleaning the parts was more work than I thought though. I took a wire brush, angle grinder, and needlegun to clean them.


With the surface rust gone, it looked promising, until I noticed that one of the hub mounts was a bit blown up. Cleaning it revealed a small crack. I took a screwdriver to the hole between the hub mount and the shaft, and noticed it was all clogged up with rust flakes and dust.
I unclogged the holes and took the needle gun to the hub mounts to check their integrity. Bad news.

One side caved in badly, two caved in slightly, while one didn’t move at all. Surprisingly, the best and the worst were on one strut.


Anyway, since those are not available anywhere (I wouldn’t have tried to salvage these if they were), I’ll have to make this work.
Since my dad has better welding skills than I do (he DOES know what he’s doing) I’ll let him handle the reinforcement of the hub mounts.

If anyone has a better suggestion than “welding a thick patch over it” I’m open.


[edit] took some measurements (forgot a lot), in case someone is bored and knows something remotely close.

Of course it would help if I knew the overall length when mounted