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"SUV" + story time

Pictured, one SUV and the new Porsche Golf alltrac GTS

Illustration for article titled SUV + story time

I’m fairly certain the bottom of my windows are the tops of his.

Yes, I remembered my drink.

Also and because I didn’t get a picture have a short story.

I’m waiting at the light on a very fast 6 lane road about to turn onto the freeway and I hear a screeching noise. I think it’s me...nope, then I look to see if I’m about to be rear ended. Nope. Then I see it, a GMT800 burb with a blown out rear window, the front tire is smoking and I think...oh noes, his brakes are locked up! Nope! The tire is turned fullt left going straight. Blown tie rod. Stop? HELL NO! power through! he was probably doing 40 with smoke POURING from the tire barely keeping it straight. I kept waiting for police sirens to follow but nothing. Just a bad day for someone who sure as hell isn’t going to be late to wherever it was they were headed.

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