Life is now more complete! I’ve driven my first Suzuki.

This one:

It’s got a turbo:

It’s got old fashioned, mechanical 4wd and low range:


Got shortcomings, mind. I was asked to collect the car from a garage (leaking thermostat housing, of all things) so that my sister could get it on Monday and drive it to its owner, her sister in law. I’ve had to give sister a list which sets out matters:

  1. The garage said to check the water for a couple of days just in case
  2. This is the slowest car in the world, partially because of no 3
  3. The accelerator is very heavy. If you want to go faster than a very slow thing, you have to press really, really hard
  4. The clutch is heavy too. You’ll get used to it
  5. The gearlever is stiff and awkward. You’ll get used to that, too
  6. The indicators live on the right
  7. The zapper doesn’t zap. You need a thing called a “key” to get in. One turn for driver’s door, two turns for the rest
  8. It doesn’t like reverse. If you can’t find it, go forward a little bit and try again. Repeat as necessary
  9. Ignore the extra little gearlever. It’s grand where it is
  10. There a rattling noise from behind after you get in to second gear. That’s the way I got it