This build was a fun one, that didn’t turn out at all how I expected it. I wanted to do a late 80s early 90s lowrider look. Something you’d except to find on a Geo Metro, or Nissan Stanza.

I do t remember how I got full chrome on body panels, but when I figured it out I decided to run with it.

Those wheels are what unspired the look. I knew I had to make a compact lowrider with lots of poke those wheels. And of coarse I couldn’t resist some boso pipes.


I wanted to do a lace pattern in the paint, but decided to try a floral instead. It didn’t work out for me, but I like the results none the less.

I think the end results are something that would fit in at a lowrider meet in Japan.


Man I wish S-tuner could work on a tablet. Although It would be a total PITA with a touch screen.