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Suzuki Intruder Update

It runs! So we drained the old gasoline, cleaned out the tank, checked the oil, and charged the battery. We also put some starter fluid into the cylinder to help it get going. Once we hooked up the battery it didn’t want to start, we tried jumping it but that didn’t work. Finally we push started it, which required a lot of effort. Btw were pretty sure it’s not a good idea to push start a shaft drive bike of that size, but hey it worked. Couple of tries and she started up. That muffler did have many baffles to begin with and they’re pretty rusty anyways so the noise is terrible.

My dad rode it around some and once he brought it back it started without assistance, yay! We jumped on it for a quick ride before the sun went down (I was the passenger, not real familiar with bikes, whereas my dad rides about every day). I might be hooked on riding, the view is incredible........ I’m rambling, back to the point. The bike has power , lots of it. From 15 to 80 it just pulls and pulls and pulls. The bike hit 90 on a straight without even trying. Although the bike isn’t my dads style (he rides a KLR650) he’s already looking into making some changes so that he can tolerate riding it.


I’m thinking really seriously again about getting a bike.

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