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Suzuki is quitting Canada...4 months later after USA

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4 Months after their car business in their neighbor down south has filed Chapter 11, now Suzuki Canada saying they are quitting to sell cars in Canada.


In March 29th, they announced that they will quit selling cars and shift their focus on motorcycles, ATVs and on board engines much like their American business do. The cars will sell until model year 2014 and in the meantime they won't file for bankruptcy like they do in USA. In Canada, the market share is so small comparing to their neighbor down south that it only makes up 10% of the US sales, so most car companies can't afford to go alone, and this is expected for Suzuki.

So if you happened to live in Canada and you are interested to shop for a new SX4, better do it now or you will never able to get one again.



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