I took the racecar off the trailer this weekend for a good cleaning and warmup. It may or may not have driven around the block. It cleans up reasonably well for an old racecar.


Like always it remains race ready. Someday I’ll get it racing for real again, or not instead of occasionally renting some track time and running laps. I’d be lying if I haven’t been thinking about what it costs, what I really want to with my free time and money, what that would mean for my budget and vehicular situation.

If any Oppos want to play racecar for real, I may or may not be putting this up for sale soon. I had originally planned to sell it when I resurrected it a couple of years ago, but then fell in love with it again, painted it, and then had the the great vehicle exchange of 2017. It still isn’t worth much money, but at least now I would feel like I’ve done right by a car that has been in my family since it was new in 1988.

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