Svended and repaired

Took the time to do a better washing of the E28 today. Still too hot to spend the multiple hours needed for a full Svend-ing, but this was more thorough than last time. It is garaged full time, and I haven’t driven it in rain yet, so it wasn’t that dirty.

This one is the auto-stylized by Google photos. The blue in real life is not nearly that bright, but I liked how it came out.


Here is the original. I feel like the blue in real life is somewhere in between.

Also, found more than surface rust on the bottom of the rear passenger door. Doesn’t look bad enough to need replacement, but I need to get it sorted soon.

I replaced the clutch slave cylinder two weeks ago (still need to do a better job remembering to take pictures). Ended up needing a pressure bleeder to get it working properly, but it was a pretty easy job, plus now I have a pressure bleeder!

When I went to take it for a drive yesterday it sounded really raspy until it warmed all the way up. Pulled back into the garage and figured out it was coming from the cat. No idea how old it is, but in Texas I’m not required to have one, so that one won’t stay on much longer. I may get a new generic one installed, since I’m not looking for absolute peak power.

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