SW Ohio Oppo Meetup

Meant to push this out last week but I was extremely busy with the second to last week of classes.

So after going back and forth with some others, I figured out a date for us to meet up at Fuel Coffee C&C in Cincinnati. May 30th seems to be the best date for most folks. The plan will be to meet at Fuel C&C around 10ish (when most of the cars will be there I believe) and meet somewhere on site. Afterwards those interested can head into Cinci and have lunch together, I’m kinda leaning towards Eli’s BBQ at the Riverside location for anyone interested.


I will be bringing my Nikon DSLR and possibly my Canon AE-1 or Nikon SLR, for anyone who wants to be a camera nerd with me.

(Photos are shot on film that I later scanned in, from the Dayton C&C)

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