Swap Begins

Went to the junkyard Saturday morning to pull the engine bay harness I need to do my swap. I show up there thinking this is going to be an easy disconnect and go like the van was, man was I wrong. The plug for the harness is buried behind the dash, requiring you to remove the dash to get it out. After about 3hrs at the yard Saturday morning, I had the new harness and was on my way.

Went home and went to work:

Getting to it.
Making a mess

Got her all torn apart before calling it a day Saturday. Slept in yesterday and went back to work on it. I got the whole driver’s side of the harness swapped in and got it routed back inside so I could put the interior back together:

Don’t mind the wires hanging out, gotta get the mount kit for my CD player.

Also picked up some woodgrain trim pieces and brought some engine color inside the car while I was at it.

Now I have the inside portion complete, so the rest of my work will be under the hood. It will probably move quickly now as she’s not drive-able until the swap is complete now.

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