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Swapped a Transmission This Weekend

Always wondered what it was like spending a weekend swapping an engine or transmission in the driveway. Got to do that over last three days swapping out an automatic 700r4 for a 4-speed manual in a certain Oppo’s Trans-Am.

In regards to the transmission, taking out the auto wasn’t too painful for us. The flex plate and adapter were the two pains that made Day 1/Night 1 a bit hectic. I also learned right away that autos are heavier than manuals (maybe that rule doesn’t always apply but it sure did here). Two floor jacks were required, but this was a job were you couldn’t possibly have too many of them.


Getting the manual in on Day 2 was the easiest part IMO. The hardest part was the starter motor that required shims to properly align it to the engine block (damn GM not making a better casting). Today, everything was finally back together and the engine is running-ish. However, there may or may not be a problem with the clutch alignment so we’ll see later on. All in all, would do it again.

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