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Swapped out to LEDs in the shop

A few of my old t12 fixtures were starting to get flickery, so rather than screw around with ballasts, I figured it was time to take the plunge into LED lighting. Bought a bunch of fixtures from amazon and put them up tonight.


HOLY CRAP! What a difference! It’s like daylight in there. Going in to it dark and flicking on the switch actually hurts for a second. But the biggest difference... silence. I had no idea how loud 10 2xT12 fixtures had been until it was gone.

Right now it’s sitting at around 35000 lumens in the space, and I’m going to add at least 3 more smaller 2200 lumen elements on the ceiling to fill in a few areas in the front of the garage that never got great lighting. Going to try to figure out how to put at least a strip or two on the floor near the lift so I don’t have to mess with drop lights any more as well.

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