Swapped Winters on the Porsche

Aren’t you proud OPPO? I worked on my car today! Yes, a 12 year old could do it, but... shut up. Anyway...


I’ve been researching for a while, watching how-to videos, and generally learning about my car and techniques and such. Did you know (some?) Porsches come with a 12V Air Compressor stored in a neat location under the hood out of view? I do now.


So, after work I took stuff down 3 flights out to my car. My chocks, “tool box”, torque wrench, breaker bar, jack, hockey puck, non-marring 19mm socket, wheel hangers, and gloves. I had every step in-mind, and was making sure I’d remember the small stuff like, “Loosen the lug bolts while the tire is still on the ground.” and “Tighten the lug bolts in a star pattern.”.... I remembered them almost always :)

I was wearing clothes I know I could damage or whatever, but didn’t expect the first thing I’d do was to catch my puffy jacket under my jack wheel and rip a hole in it. I was bleeding feathers the rest of the time.

Casualties of war.

So I got the jack in place with a hockey puck on top. Lifted the car, and took out my first two bolts while replacing them with the wheel hangers.

Summers with wheel hangers in.

These things are pretty sweet, though I’ve never done this without them so I guess I don’t know the struggle. I know it would be tough though! Getting the front wheels on was a challenge even with the hangers.

Blurry pic of the hangers.

Things went really smoothly for the rear wheels. Then, disaster struck! Ok not really, but the fronts were really hard to get off. I had to kick them a bunch, which scared me with it on the jack. I used my palms to hit them, knees to jostle them, and even imported a friend to hang out and assist a bit. Here’s what they look like in comparison.


They actually don’t look too different or bad for winters. In fact, since the car is used the summer wheels are no where near as clean/unscratched as the winters. The one thing I noticed though is the winter wheels look distorted in images. Weird.


Well, it took 2 hours (but that includes getting everything downstairs and upstairs again) and I ended around sunset. But I’m proud of myself! Also, they feel like driving on pillows! I’m somewhat nervous to feel them at 60mph and above since they came mounted and balanced from the interwebs. I’ll worry about that when I get to it though. Thanks for reading.

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