Swapping an M3 motor into an E30 Wagon

We were having a ton of fun with our 1989 E30 Touring, but it was lacking in the engine department with its 4 cylinder M40 cranking out around 100 hp (or maybe less, who really knows!)


We found a donor car and pulled out the s50 engine from a 1995 BMW M3.

We detailed the steps here in two videos:

Yes, we wish it was a proper Euro S50 with ITBs and more power, but what can you do? We’re very happy with the newfound power.


We took it for a first drive and it performed very well. Just a couple of final issues to work out and it’ll be ready to get back on the track.

We also vinyl wrapped it to make it look a little better while we get ready for a new paint job...


What do you think? Something you’d like to drive?

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