Swapping gas station stories

My earlier post about a genius question that was proposed to me at a red light this morning prompted a small discussion about gas station stories, which reminded me of this story I thought I would share with you all. Its also kind of funny because it works well with today's AOTD.

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My best gas station story was back when I had my Mustang. It was 2 years old at that point (so relatively new) and I pulled up to the pump, the big cam thumping away, exhaust resonating off the building, on the other side of the pump a Cayenne GTS.

As I get out the Porsche owner comes over "Nice, bet it't terrible on fuel though?" I inform him its not too bad and I average about 14 to which he proclaims "better than mine!!!" while looking back at his SUV.


The next question is "is it fast?". No as modest and sarcastic as I am, I say, "ehh, it does okay".

He responds with "well how fast does it go?" and I inform him I have never actually topped it out so I do not know.


"Well what does the gauge say?" he asks. I laughed a bit at the ignorance, and said "the gauge only goes to 140, but it can go faster than that" (radar at LVMS has seen that car at 160 and it still had more to go just not enough track...).

The Porsche owner gets this smug look on his face and proclaims "Well, my speedometer goes to 170 so mines faster" and walks away.


I just chuckled and rolled my eyes.

Please feel free to share some (more) of your gas station stories.

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