This is Cars You Didn't Know About, the feature where I show you some rare and unusual cars that never quite made it into the limelight. In today's edition, we'll be discussing the Indigo 3000, the only car ever produced by a small Swedish firm known as Jösse Cars.

When I said patchwork, I really meant it. Jösse Cars raided the parts bins of their fellow Swedish car makes to create this. Power (a measly 204hp and 200ft-lbs) was provided by a 3-liter, all aluminum, Volvo straight six, and applied to the ground through a gearbox and multi-link rear suspension taken from a Volvo 960. The fuel tank came from a Saab 900, seats were taken out of a Volvo S40, and the steering column came from a Volvo 850. Just about the only thing that is bespoke to the car is the front suspension, a transverse leaf spring "walking beam" design.

The construction of the car was composite body panels over a steel space-frame, with the engine mounted behind the front axle. I actually quite like the styling, it's gives sort of a "TVR-meets-Weismann" vibe. Specs were pretty middle-of-the range, with a curb weight of just about 1000kg making up for the low power. It had a top speed of 155mph, and 0-60 came in 6.5 seconds.


The Indigo was first sold in 1997, starting at 250,000 Kronor, or about $39k USD. One of the main selling points of the car was enormous customization, with a full color pallet offered for both interior materials and exterior paint and extensive options that could be tailored to each individual buyer.


Unfortunately, only 42 working cars were produced before JC ran out of money, ceasing production and going bankrupt in 1999.