Last year I went to Stockholm for a week.

While there I went to the Maritime Museum, which has two advantages:

(1) it’s free, a thing you appreciate in an expensive country and

(2) they do a good all-you-can eat buffet lunch for 90 kr or a little less than €10. Yes, meatballs were on that day. No, you don’t see them on every menu everywhere. Yes, 90 kr is 90 kr. It’s not 90 kr plus two layers of tax plus a donation to the staff.


If it’s a fine day you can eat it here:

That brings us to two new words:

Sjöhistoriskamuseet (n) Theseahistorymuseum. The et on the end means that it’s the definite version, the equivalent of “the” or the name of a place in English. If you were talking about a museum, it would be “ett museum”. As for pronouncing “sjö”, I’m afraid you’re on your own. It’s something like “whuh”.


The Swedish word for “speed”, a source of merriment for childish English speakers of all ages

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