Have an RPB Piraya, a kit car made by Racing Plast Burträsk in Burträsk which is in the back of beyonds in Northern Sweden and is otherwise only known for a kind of cheese. Nothing has ever been known to happen there.

A few dozen Piraya kits were produced between 1968 and 1970 when the arrival of crash test legislation put an end to manufacture in Sweden whereupon a few more were made in Finland.

Somewhat surprisingly for a country so keen on health and safety legislation kit cars became legal again in Sweden in the 1980s and a few more were made until RPB decided that there was better money to be made elsewhere.

The original design was inspired by the Ford GT40 and included gull wing doors, (dropped from later cars like this with its exposed hinges which look like early Mini ones, mainly because that’s exactly what they are) and incorporated bits and pieces from a variety of 1960s Renaults.

We note that this nicely maintained example is in a flat area with a lake, forests and not much else. There’s an awful lot of that in Sweden.


Here’s a chassis in a traditionally Swedish setting. Rural Sweden is full of brown houses with white window frames.