Reading the FP article about Ford’s DCT got me thinking about other comparable instances to this.

Specifically, this part is what got me thinking:

Worse, Ford reportedly knew it was bad for years and failed to make fixes.

This isn’t the first time a major manufacturer knew about a flaw/error in production and declined to make amends. VW and their diesels, Takata and their airbags, Ford and the Pinto (whether you accept that this was a flaw or not) GM and the ignition cylinders, etc. These are all instances where the company knew or should’ve known better, but went through with it anyway and in each of these instances, they were caught and it came back to cause major headaches in the form of fines, recalls, and more.


Has this tactic ever paid off for a manufacturer? Has anyone ever been able to sweep their known issues under the rug and not have it come back to bite them?

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