Sweet dreams are made of these

I had a weird dream where I bought a new salmon-pink Honda Accord V6 with a stick. I was walking home from campus (I was also back in college for some reason) and stepped into a retail store which bizarrely had new cars packed in like sardines. Yet the countertops and uniforms seemed very familiar and not at all fitting for a dealership.

I was drawn to the Accord. I sat inside and looked down at the shifter.

“Would you like to drive it, sir?”

“Nah. I’ll just buy it right now.”

He swipes my card and I leave. But I start questioning my own dream. What interest rate did I just agree to? Did I just pay in full, or did I just pay with no down payment and I’m going to owe a shitton each month? Can you get a manual V6 Accord sedan? I thought it was the coupe only. Also, why am I in college? Why did I buy a sedan?!?!


But the dream continued, and drove the Accord the next day to campus. The windows were black, like the entire interior. The drive was amazing. The shifter was somehow... familiar.

When I parked, I walked around thr car a few times to make sure it was real, still skeptical of everything I had seen.

At some point, I woke up. Looking back, I figured out what some of the things I recognized were:

- the unusual pink was the same as a 1992 F150 I walk by everyday.

- the dealership was actually a Game Stop with cars on the floor

- the shifter had the same look and feel as a A6 Allroad

Anyway... Good morning!

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