From Yours Truly & Cantech Automotive. A preview of tomorrow’s deluge... which sounds better than dump. Also meet one of my dogs, Dante the Dream Newf.

Did some rearranging in the front to fit a couple more things. A ton of stuff in the back garage section had to be cleared out to get ready to epoxy coat the whole dang floor w00t can’t wait ‘til its done! These shots were in between pretending to help.

Dante the Dreeeaammm Noooooof. He knows only love and protects your dreams. He used to wake me up in the morning by headbutting my door open even when it was locked, usually with a loud bang. It was scary the first couple times especially when I don’t have my glasses on and he’s panting like the Grizzly Bear in The Revenant.


One morning I was having a nightmare and in my half waking state my bedroom door appeared in the dream and he blasted through it all Kool-Aid man style like Ohhh Yeeeaawh wudup bitch. He got some eggs and my gratitude out of it. He loves eggs.

May his downy floof and zoolander afro bless your dreams this week.