The other night, I had an oddly specific dream.

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I owned an Isuzu Bellett 1500 2-Door sport (about a 1964 model year) that had an EJ22E out of an early Subaru Legacy swapped into it. The oddly specific part was that I had intentionally chosen the SOHC N/A motor and mated it to an FS5R30A 5-speed transmission from a Z32. These choices were made for the sole reason that both that engine and that gearbox are generally considered indestructible. With just about 140hp, the car wasn’t fast, but I literally drove it off road with the tail hanging out incessantly and it just wouldn’t fail. Was one of the most entertaining dreams I’ve had in a while, haha.

(Now, having worked on an Isuzu Bellett pretty extensively, I’m like 99% positive that you couldn’t shoehorn a Boxer engine into that engine bay without cutting the shock towers up completely and converting the front end from Double Wishbone to MacPherson strut. If anyone wants to give me a pile of money though, I’d be more than happy to try!)

May your dreams be filled with petrol! Or gunfights with aliens, mine generally flip flop between the two.

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