My mom was on her way back from work, and as usual there’s heavy traffic during this hour. Every day, especially in the land of the Florida Man™ here, there’s a dickhead driver or 2 that causes my mom stress and get away, but this time was different.

The dickhead in particular here is a driver of an SXT Charger, and what makes him a dickhead? He thought because he drives a Charger and works for the main dealer in Kissimmee/Orlando (on his shirt) and was driving a car that wasn’t his (dealer plates), he could drive however he wants as long as he gets wherever he needs to go really fast. He did so by speeding at nearly 90mph and swerving without turn signals between lanes and flipping off people in his way, tailing them, etc. He then came behind my mom and floored the brakes to avoid hitting her, as she was going the actual speed limit, and started fucking revving his engine and honking and shit like that, and she’s just ignoring him until he finds another opening (read: damn near crashes) and gets in front of her and brake-checks her and looks back, flicking her off and shit. My mom absolutely hates asswipes like this and there’s never anything she can do about it, so it just stressed her out and she ends up pissed every time she gets home after that BS and then after that the stuff that happens at work. After the dickhead proceeded to do such dickhead things, my mom got pissed and passed him kinda fast which made him start tailing her. Afterwards my mom went on the turning lane and the guy was enough of a crackhead to try to follow her. They’re both there at the lane, tense as ever, and through her mirror my mom saw a cop. The Charger quickly tried to hide in front of my mom’s car by leaving the lane and trying to re-enter it in front of her, so the cop pulled up behind my mom and turned on it’s sirens and lights. At first my mom thought it was her being pulled over so she turned on her parking lights but he waved his hand to say it wasn’t her, then went and pulled over the Charger.

Photo: MY MOM

My mom’s stress disappeared, and she pulled into a nearby McDonald’s JUST to take this picture.

Karma’s a bitch. And sometimes it’s bitchiness helps.

Edit: it’s worth mentioning that my mom opened her window and heard the cop ask for license and registration, then he said exit the car with your hands up. That’s all she heard because she had to hurry up and get back en route to work.

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