I haven’t posted about Project RAUX Box in over a month. Partly that’s because I took a short break from it after failing to finish before the Spring Cruise, but mostly it’s because I’ve made no progress on it, despite plenty of work. Until tonight. Behold!


(Link in case of Kinja: https://imgur.com/a/SvqHo40#3B1wK21)

The audio you can hear in the video above is still from the CD player, but it’s being fed through the relays I’ve soldered in to the signal path! It’s a big relief to finally hear audio through the relays, as I haven’t had the CD audio working in over six weeks, and I was starting to worry I had messed up a trace or fried a chip or something.


The other inputs on the relays are hooked up to my audio chip that has the AUX jack. So there’s a chance that the AUX is already functional, and I only need to plug in a source and power on the Arduino. No, go on, I’ll wait for you all to finish laughing. Anyways, you’re not wrong, and I wanted to ride the high from finally getting the relays soldered in right for at least a little while, so after I recorded that video last night, I called it quits. Troubleshooting the AUX will start tonight. I have about a week before I leave on my next road trip, but I have friends in town all weekend and plenty of prep to do for that trip, so it’ll be tight.

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