Switching from Verizon to Project Fi

Any oppo’s using Project Fi? For those of you not familiar it’s Google’s carrier that operates on T-Mobile, Spring and US Cellular. $20/mo and $10/GB and you only pay for what you use, so 1.2GB is $12.

I bought myself a used Pixel XL, anyone use that particular phone? I’m excited to try this all out!


One of the big draws for me is that PFi works internationally and I travel to Europe usually at least once a year and end up buying a prepaid sim there. One more awesome thing is that you can get additional data only sims for basically any device that you can get it to work on! So I’m going to pop one into my Note 4 just to have a backup phone, it’ll essentially be a whole ‘nother phone thanks to google voice. Since those devices don’t support carrier switching I believe it’ll operate only on T-Mobile.

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