The consensus seemed to be that manual-transmission fans struggled with switching to an auto, unless they had some fun third car to get their jollies.

What about going from rear-wheel-drive to front-wheel-drive? With some occasional track and autocross in mind, how has the transition been for any of you who might have switched? If possible, separate the experience into “fun” and “performance” because in a lot of cases they are not that highly correlated.

FWD cars have gotten fantastic recently, especially when you consider the dollar-to-fun ratio and manual trans availability. The Focus ST is even known for its oversteery antics, the GTI has an LSD, the Fiesta ST must have some kind of hypnotically good steering.


I’ve transitioned from RWD to Haldex-AWD, which is basically FWD. The stability in the rain and the planted feel in corners had its charm (and safety), but I missed the excitement of RWD.